Sister Krissy Fiction, the nun that got nailed, is a former conservative Christian and participant in the “Ex-gay” movement for over a decade, but currently an out gay man, a drag clown nun, a devotee of Antinous, a Gnostic, and a Witch living in the hippy haven of Portland, Oregon.

383381_273743546077362_467287327_nSister Krissy is a fully professed Sister of Perpetual Indulgence and Prioress of the Order of Benevolent Bliss in Portland.  Her varied background includes education and work as a minister in a conservative Christian denomination, initiation into an Alexandrian Witchcraft coven with which she is still active, and initiation into the Antinoan mysteries through the Ekklesia Antinoou.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Staff Ministry and has done graduate coursework towards a Masters of Applied Theology.

This blog contains her writings and musing on the spiritual life, queer 528498_10150805543912157_1229204687_nspirituality, her devotion to the god Antinous, Occultism,  thoughts on politics and humor, observations on modern Neopaganism and the Craft, Gnosticism and Esoteric Christianity, promulgating universal joy and expiating stigmatic guilt, being a queer nun, and whatever else tickles her fancy (she is quite ticklish).

Sit down, buckle up, and hold on!


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